Mar 27, 2011

Over the Klamath River Interviews

Klamath River interviews began in October 2008 and will continue winter 2010 to follow-up on the agreement to remove 4 dams owned by Pacificorp. The photos on the left were taken by David Lorenz Winston. Top: Petey Brucker points to the last of the spawning salmon at Forks of the Salmon. Merv George Jr delivers a speech in Ashland for Madrona Arts Freeing the Waters event, and Geba Greenberg speaks of her work in watershed restoration from her garden.

Interviews completed or scheduled include:

Roger Smith - US Fish Wildlife Service, Oregon, Klamath Falls
Petey Brucker - Former Klamath Riverkeeper, Salmon River Restoration Council
Geba Greenberg - Salmon River Restoration Council
Alice Kilham - Former Chair, Klamath River Compact Commission
Greg Addington - Executive Director, Klamath Water Users Association
Merv George Jr - US Forest Service Region 5, Tribal Relations
John Ward - Bear Creek Watershed Council, Prof. Emeritus Industrial Engineering Oregon Institute of Technology
Anita Ward - Friends of the Greensprings
Steve Rothert - Field Office Director, pending, American Rivers California Klamath Dam News
Steve Kandra - Merrill farmer, past president Klamath Water Users Association